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Indian Gaming May 2018

Indian Gaming 2018: Game Technology Showcase

On the show floor at the NIGA convention in Las Vegas, we spoke with executives from the leading game technology companies about their new games and innovations. Here is what they had to say…

What I noticed at NIGA 2018 was the acceptance of skillbased games. It’s starting to be a topic that people are embracing because those of us in the gaming world are successfully articulating how these games work. They are engaging to the player and they make money. This is making sense to the casinos now, and they are not intimidated about introducing skill-based games on the slot floor.

We have an opportunity to introduce new slot products to people of all ages and demographics, and our products have a wide birth for demographics, which attendees saw at our booth. The people that came by are from casinos large and small. Our goal is to put products in that produce generally as much as a slot machine, so operators feel comfortable introducing a new product.

We have important IP licenses with Atari and Taito. In addition to Asteroids, we recently signed Missile Command and Tempest. Both Asteroids and Tempest are in Ready Player One, the new movie by Steven Spielberg from the book by Ernest Cline. If you talk about marque value and timing, what’s better than that? Other providers are approaching us because they know we’ve executed games well. We’ve valued these licensed brands, and now some of the other major Atari’s and Taito’s have come to us and said, ‘this is really cool, how about this?’


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