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Gambling Insider Dec 2017

Next Gaming is honored to be featured in this month’s Gambling Insider’s G2E Product Roundup

Next Gaming- Arkanoid

Next Gaming in Gambling Insider

As a company, Next Gaming has aimed to “design skill-based games with the understanding that casino customers are a wide and varied group”.

At G2E this year, Next Gaming honoured that promise, with the launch of its new gaming experience. The company partnered up with Taito for licensing Bust-a-Move and Arkanoid and Atari for Asteroids, along with its proprietary game ZForce, with the hope of delivering “all of the exciting and familiar game play that appeals to the customers who seeks a different gaming experience”.

The retro feel and intuitive nature of the “arcade” style experience was created in order for the game to hit an emotional chord with the player, offering a sense of nostalgia.

The cabinets have been specifically designed to offer maximum flexibility when placed in the casino environment. Since they look very much like traditional slot cabinets, but with an “arcade” feel , they can easily be integrated onto the casino slot floor or in a specific area designed to capture a younger demographic or a customer seeking that unique experience.

This alleviates a lot of customer confusion when evaluating the ease of playing a new game.

A common theme running throughout G2E was the millenial market, and the innovative ways in which casinos can attractthis younger generation of players. Next Gaming certainly didn’t disappoint.

The feedback Next Gaming got back from the product launch at G2E was apparently, “simply amazing’.

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