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Strictly Slots Feb 2018

Skill Gaming Bonanza – Strictly Slots names Next Gaming: Leader of the Pack. Join in the fun!

Next Gaming: Leader of the Pack

Skill player article

Inspiration, Imagination and Innovation are the tenants that Next Gaming embraces. “We want to be at the forefront of the evolution of the slot gaming experience” says Mike Darley, CEO of Next Gaming. Currently, Next Gaming has five individual patents that they are utilizing in the creation of their skill-based slot machines. In addition to those patents, Next Gaming also has IP licenses with TAITO® for Bust-A-Move and Arkanoid as well as with Atari® for Asteroids. Darley also states, “We have had a tremendous amount of positive feedback regarding our games from G2E and focus groups. The excitement level while playing our games has been off the charts.” “They absolutely deliver a unique and entertaining experience unlike anything in the market today,” said Kyle and Makenna Gott, Gott Love, YouTube vloggers. With their strategy of creating games that offer an arcade-style experience, combined with the gambling aspect, the width and breadth of the demographics that the games appeal to are considerable. From the Millennials, who desire a more interactive and different gaming experience, to the Baby Boomers who have played these games in the past. Also, the games have been designed to be “intuitive”, which means that based on the player’s past interactions with similar games, though not gambling devices, the player can be immediately immersed in the gaming experience without a long learning curve to play the game.


While other skill-based games may offer you a finite time period, which allows you to play for that duration, our games offer the players an opportunity to continue their play through multiple levels which grow increasingly harder. In addition, the games offer three individual levels of skill choices. From EASY to NORMAL to HARD, choosing your entry point allows players to experience the games in a manner that’s comfortable with their skill-set. You can build your confidence level while you master the game or you may be up to the challenge right from the get go to play on the hard setting. “The biggest difference I see in the Next Gaming skill-based games is the familiarity of the games with the customers. These are tried and true names that have brand recognition. The games are designed with multiple levels, much like a video game, which you try and complete. Add in the leader board and the competitive aspect of it all and it is sure to lengthen time on the device and equate to more handle pulls,” said Richard Spurlock, Slot Director Binion’s Gambling Hall and Hotel.


Another notable design feature is that the games have been created as a hybrid model. This allows the games to be placed in both jurisdictions that have skill-based or non-skill based regulations.

In addition to their skill-based games, Next Gaming offers a suite of video reel games like Mayan Thunder, Celtic Gold, Katana Warrior, Warrior Empress and Sunken Fortunes to name a few.

Please visit for more information about the exciting products they are creating.


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