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Game Technology at G2E 2018

Indian Gaming magazine spoke with leading game technology companies at G2E about what products and innovations they are most excited about and their company trajectories for the near term. Here is what they had to say...

Next Gaming Mike Darley, CEO INNOVATIONS: We are very excited about the quality of our games right now. We brought them to G2E last year, and they were beyond concept, but they weren't yet finished products. We’ve spent the last year with focus groups enhancing the games and entertainment value. One of the aspects that's unique with our skill-based games is we've designed them to play like slot machines and also be very entertaining. These games are time-on device and value-oriented – they can be played without a $100 investment. Players can sit down with a bankroll that's comfortable for them, engage in the machine, be immersed, have fun and feel good about playing. People that gamble want to find value and to have a chance to win, but they don’t need to win a million dollars. If they walked away with $100, $200, or a couple of thousand dollars, they'd be happy, and that's the way we've designed our machines.
We're going to be in Caesars shortly and I've had almost every casino in town show interest. I want to get these out and gauge the acceptance, which I think is going to be high, and then based on that, start expanding into Oklahoma and California. We want to do this at a measurable rate to ensure success. FAVORITE GAME: There are a couple skill-based games that are new to us including Missile Command and Tempest that we are very excited about. We also recently licensed Grumpy Cat, which was a great find that appeals to that wide demographic we're hitting. A reasonable development cycle for Grumpy Cat should be about six months to where we’ve really managed the game well and have it interesting and the bonus round attractive. Once we release it, Grumpy Cat will be a great value and game for our players.
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